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Tomorrow’s healthcare challenges demand innovation across the spectrum of care. GST’s vision is to deliver innovative computing technologies and solutions that will improve healthcare and healthcare operations.

With bar code mobile computing, and RFID technologies, clients can improve efficiencies, and eliminate errors in the following areas: electronic prescription fulfillment, medication administration and specimen collection. Caregivers need real-time access to the latest clinical histories, treatments, medications, patient data, lab results, and insurance information. By using wireless LANs, and mobile computing solutions, caregivers can tap into vital information anywhere within the healthcare network.

GST’s experience with healthcare and HIPPA compliance, extensive portfolio of products, solutions, services and relationships can help your healthcare organization achieve quality business practices and provide quality patient care.
With GST on your side, you’ll have the technologies your organization needs to provide exceptional care today and going forward.

GST Case Studies

GST has worked with numerous clients across multiple industries to provide IT and AV solutions. You can read about GST's methodology to helping our customers with their business requirements and the GST solutions provided. 

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