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North Orange County CCD

Conference Room AV System Upgrade


A local community college district was in vast need of improving their existing outdated conference room. The district not only needed to swap out longstanding equipment, but also wanted to simplify personal training by standardizing equipment by adding a video conference system, a wireless presentation device, ceiling speakers, and a touch panel controller. With these advancements, staff will be able to demonstrate with ease the capabilities of video teleconferencing.


Project Summary:

The GST team had an initial internal project kick-off meeting to better understand the objectives, challenges and end-goals for the client. After the assessment, GST suggested and installed the following solutions for the customer:

  • 80” LCD Digital Signage Display
  • Group video conference system
  • Conference cam w/ credenza
  • Sharelink wireless display device
  • Install ADA- compliant in-carpet wire way
  • Ceiling mounted speakers, audio amplifier

To highlight the video conferencing system’s ease of use, touch panel controllers and real-time video collaboration capabilities, GST hosted an end user training demo.



Solutions: Extron, Logitech, HP, Netgear, Sharp