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LA City College

AV Upgrades for Student Services Building & Classrooms


The initial discussions with the customer began with our AV engineers. Due to the scope of work, the GST Team worked with the customer, weeks prior to the proof of concept, to determine the design, establish the test plan, order and install the gear and adequately schedule the right number of techs.


Project Summary:

AV engineers proposed to provide, install and configure the following equipment for each room.

GST is proposed a Warranty that covers all classroom audio-visual equipment in the following buildings at LA City College for a one year term.

Classroom Lab

  • Desktop PC, AV system control and interactive tablet
  • Short-throw projectors
  • Ceiling speakers with audio amplifier
  • Rack rails and cable cubby
  • AV switcher
  • Blu-ray player
  • Document camera
  • Lavaliere microphone system
  • Assistive listening system

Conference Room (30 seat)

  • Desktop PC, AV system control and interactive tablet
  • Wireless tablet PC
  • Wall mounted Ultra short-throw interactive projector
  • Ceiling speakers with audio amplifier
  • Sliding and rotation equipment rack
  • AV switcher
  • Ceiling microphones with audio mixer
  • Videoconferencing system w/ (2) wall mounted cameras
  • Assistive listening system



Dental Lab

  • Upgrade Projector
  • Install 24 student monitors
  • Install video distribution system for 24 student monitors
  • Replace existing document camera with new ceiling mounted visualizer
  • Perform system re-programming

Weight Room

  • Wall mount projector
  • Switching and distribution of existing audio amplifier and speakers
  • AV switcher mounted
  • Cable Cubby installation


Solutions: Crestron, Epson, Extron, Utelogy, WolfVision