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State of California Contract

State Contract Details
Active: April 1st, 2019
Expiration: March 31st, 2022

State of California – Department of General Services
Contract#: 1-19-70-19G-3
Description: Enterprise Technology – Fortinet (OEM)

OEM Contract Discounts
GST’s contract discounts: GST-Fortinet Discounts

SB/DVBE Participation Information:
GST has designated TrulyCreative Network Solutions for specific value-added services that include: installation srvices, professional services, warranty/support services, and pre-order configuration consultation.

OEM Price List
Active: September 3rd, 2019
For the OEM available price list, please go to: https://www.fortinet.com/partners/california-list-fortinet.html

Currently none

Cal eProcure Contract
Cal eProcure Search
Contract#: 1-19-70-19G-3
GST Cal eProcure Contract Link

Warranty Information
During the manufacturers’ warranty period, the Contractor must:

  • Honor all manufacturer’s warranties and guarantees on all products offered through the contract.
  • Continue to provide warranty service after contract termination until expiration of warranties for products that have been sold under the contract.
  • Provide all labor, parts, and travel necessary to keep the products in good operating condition and preserve its operating efficiency in accordance with its technical specifications.
  • Pay any necessary shipment and insurance costs.

Contract Items Not to Sell
This contract does not include the following items:

  1. Cloud Services including acquisitions structured as managed on-site services
  2. Storage as a Service, an architecture model by which a provider allows a customer to rent or lease storage space on the provider’s hardware infrastructure on a subscription basis.
  3. Telecommunications hardware and services
  4. PC Goods
  5. Wireless phone and internet service
  6. Managed Print Services
  7. Printers, Tablets, Cellular Phone Equipment
  8. Off-campus networking
  9. Public Works

Quote Generation/Instruction
Please send quote requests to:
Email: CAstate@gstes.com
Phone: 562-345-8700
Fax: 562-345-8714
You may also complete the following:
GST State Quote Template

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